ILLUMINATIONS — Te Deum Laudamus


ILLUMINATIONS — Te Deum Laudamus


ILLUMINATIONS—Te Deum Laudamus (2016)
by Emily Faithfull

Digitalised chromolithographic designs by Ester Faithfull Fleet

Published 1868 by Victoria Press
Re-published in 2016 by FIST

Open Edition
40pp, saddle-stitched
25.4 × 17.78cm, 10″ × 7″

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Hand illuminating provided intellectual enjoyment and spiritual inspiration from the study of beautiful books. This ‘pocket cathedral’ was first published in 1868 by Victoria Press. Printing was the first occupation women investigated during the women’s employment movement in the Victorian Period and as a result Emily Faithfull, one of the most innovative practitioners of the art of illumination, opened the Victoria Press with women compositors in March 1860. These women were involved in the artistic future of books and their chromolithographic work affirmed the value of human work and the intricate interrelationship between text and ornament, the arts of architecture and book design. Studying the uses of illuminated graphics lets us see what the Victorians valued as they came to grips with the disorienting experience of the Industrial Revolution, when artistry and technique were being replaced by machine processes.